Foundation Builder | Optimization Expert | Strategist | Lifelong Learner

A foundation building professional geologist & non-profit leader experienced in clastic & carbonate oil reservoirs. Ms. Kuechler strives to build strong business from the sub-surface and up! With a desire to ensure a strong business future for our technical community and younger generations, Ms. Kuechler consistently adds to the building blocks of our future by leading educational programs in science and software skills to encourage cross-discipline and cross-generational collaboration. With commitment & personal discipline, Ms. Kuechler completed a GIS Certification and BSc. Degree in Geology while working full-time in industry.

With experience in:

- Exploration & Development Geology

- Document & Database Management

- Cartography

- Project Development & Management

- Business Development & Management

- Illustrations & Graphics 

- Front-End Web Development​

You can trust Ms. Kuechler to meet your growing business needs.  Strong technical & software skills paired together result in rapid troubleshooting, successful geological visualization and data integration across your multi-disciplinary business. 

Actively involved in the science community Ms. Kuechler chooses to create positive business & communities in science. At M Geology we do not wish for better business, we create It.